Professional Master in Sustainability Science opens selection process for remaining vacancies
Monday March 6th, 2023

The first Professional Master’s Degree in Sustainability Science in Brazil opens enrollment for the second call for its next class, starting in August 2023.

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the course seeks interaction between the natural, social, human and technological sciences and offers training to professionals from the most varied areas who want to work in the development of applied sustainable solutions. Its offer is the result of a partnership between the Department of Geography and Environment at PUC-Rio, the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) and the Rio Center for Conservation and Sustainability Sciences (CSRio).

The science of sustainability is a new area that presupposes intergenerational and non-human ethics. This field is characterized by the meeting of social, economic and environmental knowledge and by the transdisciplinarity present in the interaction between scientific and traditional knowledge. The course provides learning opportunities and provides tools for understanding the dynamics between human and natural systems, in addition to preparing students for the development of customized projects related to major sustainability topics, such as:

  • Global and local challenges of the Anthropocene, including climate change, the biodiversity and oceans crisis;
  • Interdependence and synergies between environment and social problems such as poverty, inequality and health;
  • Biodiversity and environmental services combined with poverty reduction and improved health;
  • Development and sustainability indicators;
  • Strategies, processes and methodologies applied to corporate sustainability;
  • Global, regional, national and sub-national socio-environmental agreements, laws and public policies;
  • Integrated land use planning (conservation, restoration, sustainable agriculture and livestock);
  • Sustainable cities and green infrastructure;
  • Economics of sustainability: fundamentals and tools;
  • Sectoral technological innovations targeting the low-carbon transition, including renewable energy, low-carbon agriculture and transport.

The faculty is made up of renowned researchers and professionals working in public, private and third sector institutions of global relevance in the scenario of sustainable development. The coordinators are Agnieszka Latawiec (IIS/PUC-Rio/University of Agriculture – Poland), Rogério de Oliveira (PUC-Rio), Fabio Scarano (UFRJ) and Paulo Branco (IIS).

Learn more and apply by July 2nd on the website.

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