Dr. André Lima de Alvarenga
Line of Research: Socio-technological Systems

André Lima de Alvarenga holds a Graduation, Master’s and Doctor’s degree in Geography (UFRJ), with a Postdoctoral degree at UFF. He is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher in Geography (PUC-Rio). André received an award for best cinematographic script at the Goiânia Film Festival and at the Santiago Alvarez Festival, in Cuba, with the film “Encontro com Milton Santos ou o Mundo Global Visto do Lado de Cá”, in 2007. He was a professor in the Department of Geography at the UnB, in 2014/2015. A great connoisseur of the history of cartography and an enthusiast of cartographic education, he understands the use of maps as of fundamental importance for the communication of geographic realities, having been a consultant for the exhibition ‘Brasil no [Centro do] Mapa’ held at CCBB-RJ. His main fields of research are geographic representations through cultural instruments, urban transformations in port cities and smart cities. He is currently researching Sustainable Cities and has been working as a consultant on Smart Cities, having participated with the Association of Residents and Entrepreneurs of Santa Teresa (AME-Santa) in the proposal to update the APA in the neighborhood of Santa Teresa.

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